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REAL 45cal 200grn Muzzle loading bullets (50)

Lee R*E*A*L Bullet for Muzzleloaders
Rifling Engraved At Loading
The driving bands are large enough to adequately engage the rifling when pushed into the muzzle and thin enough to withstand maximum charges without stripping or gas cutting.

Unique Cleaning Action
You can shoot all day without cleaning your rifle between shots! When inserted into the muzzle, tiny scraping edges are swagged forward on each driving band. These perfect fitting scrapers remove the fouling from the previous shot.

Easier, Faster to Load
It's easy to load straight and true, easier and faster than a round ball with patch. Easily stabilized with very light charges, the R.E.A.L. bullet also retains accuracy with maximum loads. Each band is generously tapered to the rear with an angle close to that of a lathe center, so as to center the bullet against the rifle bands. When pushed in, the bullet automatically centers in the bore.

More Accurate
The bevel base of the R.E.A.L. bullet contributes to greater accuracy. When the bullet exits the bore, the gas escapes equally around the perimeter of the base. The uniform bevel is resistant to nicks that would permit gas to excape prematurely and cause a jet effect on one side of the bullet.


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