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Nikko Stirling Diamond Long Range, 30mm 3-9X42 Illum 4A Saddle Switch Scope

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Nikko Stirling Diamond 30mm side focus 6-24x50 Long Range red-green Illuminated etched glass Holdfast Reticle Rifle Scope - with sunshade and 2 interchangeable ballistic drop turrets -
The Nikko Diamond LR - Made for hunters

The Diamond LR scope offers accurate ballistic drop compensation turrets including RTZ® (Return to Zero). The RTZ® (Return to Zero) elevation turret allows you to find your closest zeroed in shooting distance just by this stop. The elevation and windage is based on ¼ inch at 100yds click increments. Please note:This equals very accurate to ¼ MOA or 7mm at 100m.

The scope is supplied with 2 Ballistic Drop Turrets:

1. Assembled Ballistic Drop Turret with ¼ inch indications. (equals app. ¼ MOA or app. 7mm@100m) Full numbers indicate 1“ at 100yds

2. Extra blank Ballistic Drop Turret for your customized markings of your required distances. Increments are ¼ inch at 100yds

• 30mm aircraft-grade aluminium, one-piece main tube

• Glass-etched HOLDFAST reticle

• Fully multi-coated lens

• Microlux ETE GEN III glass coatings

• Zero-stop turrets

• ¼ MOA turret adjustments

• 4” of eye relief

• Side Parallax Adjustable from 10 Yards to 8

• Dual-color red/green illumination settings

• Supplied with 2 ballistic drop turrets

• Nikko Stirlings’ RTZ® (Return to Zero) elevation turret for quick shooting

• Optional side-wheel available

• Sunshade included

Illuminated Holdfast Reticle - Etched glass with illumination

The Nikko Stirling HOLDFAST reticle has been developed to take longer distance shots quickly by using HOLDFAST lines that match the known point of impact of popular ammunition.

A wide variety of ammunition can be accurately used when you adjust the image size in relation to the HOLDFAST reticle by simply adjusting the Magnification Power.


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