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Markhor Ibex 65+10 Plain Pack

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Markhor Ibex 65+10 Litre Evolution Pack - great for serious hunting trips and alpine tramping

These Packs from Markhor are some of the best packs we've seen for hunting purposes. With silent 100% Polyester and a stack of well organized pockets and compartments designed specifically for hunting accessories Markhor is fast making a name for itself in New Zealand hunting circles.

Waterproof fabric, durable and quiet green color bronze.
Vario System for adjustable straps, high density anatomical wrapped honeycomb mesh to wick away perspiration and matching the shape of 3D foam back. Pre-formed aluminum frame stabilizes load while maintaining good flexibility.
Shoulder straps: padded foam 3 D honeycomb mesh, chest strap with safety whistle and call load increased. Handwarmer and clips to the strap of the weapon.
Belt: Reinforced with 3 high density foam and honeycomb mesh D reinforcements for stabilization, new loops with fine and fast setting.
Pocket hydration: Pre-equipped for a water bladder.
Compartments: 1 main compartment with divider (two compartments).
Pockets: 2 side pockets with bellows, for the flap, 1 outside pocket and 1 inside pocket, 1 pocket on the front of the bag
Access: the main compartment by a variable aperture to help load an animal (for example). Pocket sealed with anti-blood not to mess bag seams (this pocket is not intended for heavy loads beyond its use in the backpack).
Door-Accessories: two straps with clips and protection + pocket for lacrosse for transporting a firearm or bow, 4 attachment points for porting down bag, 10 elastic loops for cartridges clips key chains, fluorescent cap for safety (on the flap) and signaling of the bag (handy when night falls for her bag).
Green rainproof cover (included with bag) or white for camouflage in snowy weather (optional).
Compression: two compression straps on each side to adjust the volume of transported material bag with two pockets with elastic sides to carry a weapon or a tripod telescope and walking sticks.


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