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CZ 455 American .22LR / .22WMR / .17HMR Combo

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This CZ 455 COMBO includes a additional barrels, magazines and tools for changing calibres from .22LR to
.22WMR and .17HMR.

The CZ 455 American is a high quality rimfire rifle designed for the U.S. market.
The American model is true to the lines of the classic American sporter style rifle. Made without sights, the top of the receiver is
machined with a 3/8" wide dovetail groove for mounting standard rimfire dovetail mounts.
The CZ 455 American comes with a 5 round polymer magazine. Ten round magazines are available as an optional extra.

This new model CZ 455 rimfire rifle is based on classical design, but incorporates a lot of improvements affecting most of the main parts of this rifle.
First of all we have answered the wishes of many of our customers for having an action that enables barrels to be interchanged.

New developments and manufacturing processes have allowed shortening of barrel while retaining traditionally high accuracy.
Also there have been small changes in the stock in order to achieve an even greater comfort during shooting.
This was attained by optimising the grip ergonomics as well as other small changes. A new method of connecting the barrelled-action with the stock
means only two screws are needed for improved securing, simpler tightening and superior appearance.
The use of cold hammer forged barrels has been retained as well as the receiver being made from a single billet of high quality steel.

Technical Data:
Caliber (rate of twist): .22LR (1 in 16") / .22WMR (1 in 16") / .17HMR (1 in 9")
Magazine Capacity: 5 (.22LR) / 5 (.22WMR) / 5 (.17HMR) (10-round magazines available as an accessory)
Stock: walnut
Sights: dovetail for scope mounting
Overall length: 980 mm
Barrel length: 525 mm
Height: 168 mm
Width: 66 mm
Weight: 2.8 kg


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