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124gr RN 9mm Projectile

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1000x brand new Double strike CMJ 124gr RN 9mm Projectiles

Frontier Metal Processing manufacture CMJ (Complete Metal Jacket) Restrike bullets since 1996, and has over the years perfected the process to a product that is used by top shooters around the world.

The difference between Complete Metal Jacketed bullets and traditional Full Metal Jacketed bullets starts with the manufacturing process. Full Metal Jacketed bullets are manufactured by means of pressing ("swaging") a lead core into a copper jacket. CMJ bullets are manufactured from a hardened lead core, and then treated to allow for core-bonding before it is covered with copper through a process of electroplating. The complete bullet is covered with copper. Through the years this process has been refined continuously to improve core-bonding, smooth plating and other factors, resulting in a premier product.

Among the many advantages of CMJ bullets is the fact that because the lead core is completely covered with copper, the dangers of lead poisoning are eliminated.

In 2011, Frontier introduced its first restrike bullets. Instead of sizing the product after the manufacturing process, the complete bullet is now reshaped for perfect size consistency.

For reloading, CMJ handgun bullets are treated in the same way as FMJ bullets. With a few basic precautions such as avoiding over-crimping, the bullets can be shot at normal and high velocities without problem and with excellent accuracy.


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