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When we moved to our current house I had to re-set up my reloading area. I brought my old loading bench, but in the process of moving had inherited a new longer and stronger bench, that seemed more ideal for reloading. The extra space would make it easier to set up all the presses weI have (Hornady and lyman single stage for rifle shooting, Dillon 550  and Square deal for Cowboy Action and a couple of MECs for our shotgun shells.

We tend to do ammo in batches, and shoot  probably a couple of thousand pistol rounds, plus several hundred shotgun each per year in cowboy shooting , plus a range of other pistol and rifle rounds.

I love the extra space the bench provided, but it was a lot lower. I prefer to load standing up, so after a short time reloading I started to develop a sore neck. I brought a Dillon press stand which helped, but then came across Inline Fabrications and their range of Quick Change press mounts.

These come to mount presses flush with your bench top,  or to raise your presses by three different heights (4’, 7.5” and 9.75”).

What a great idea, not only would I get the presses up nearly at eye level where I can see what I’m doing without bending down, but it should enable me to set up one press station, and swap out my presses easily as I need them.

It was worth a try so brought the 9.75” mount and a few base plates for my different presses to try out. I also grabbed one of their Quick Change Storage Docks, to store the presses not in use without them lying around on the bench top.

Right from the start I was impressed, the finish on these is awesome, they go together easily and are extremely strong. I was skeptical that the Storage Dock would hold two of my presses at once but it easily holds the large Lyman press and the fully assembled 550 no problem.

The pre drilled base plates fit each press perfectly, they even come with mounting screws so fitting your press to the base takes less than 5mins (inc unwrapping the base plate and screws etc).

Swapping presses over takes about 1 min, the base cantilevers into the press mount and 2 tighten two wing nuts, easy, quick and secure.

I was so impressed ive ordered more, added some MEC shotgun press base plates, and also some for stock and to set up in the shop.

So we now have a flush and a 9.75” one set up at the shop, with Hornady and Square deal presses set up so come in and have a look

We have a range of common base plates in stock (and blank ones so you can drill them and add what ever you want), and will look to expand the range of Inline Fabrication products, inc their Roller handles over time

Written by Wayne Chapman — June 26, 2017


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