Anzac day 2018

  This year marks 100 years since the armistice that ended WW1. Every ANZAC Day, the Wellington Service Rifle Club hold their annual ANZAC day shoot, the climax of the year for many. This day celebrates 303's (with a side match for SLR's). If you have an old ThreeO in the gunsafe,...

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Cleaning and breaking in barrels, is less better?

Common thinking in shooting circles is that we should clean our guns every time we shoot them. Now i can understand that in NZ's bush environement, it can be damp, and its important to dry/clean/oil your rifle after that. Certainly also semi autos need to ensure the action is clean...

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"Zeroing" your hunting rifle

Zeroing your hunting rifle Talking to customers coming into the shop, other shooters over past years and also reading some of the current “expert” how to advice on the internet now,  I see that more and more confusion is out there about what sighting in a hunting rifle actually means...

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